American Fork is unique in Utah Valley with its small-town charm and big city amenities. Our community is privileged to provide several unique and entertaining events each month to get our citizens involved with service and education as well as with meeting new people.

Explore our resources for quality of life in American Fork including:

American Fork has a lot to offer to many different lifestyles. Our spectacular canyon and surrounding areas offer exciting activities such as hiking, snow sports and biking all year long. Our beautiful golf course hosts a variety of events throughout the year and our historic downtown district offers activities for everyone. American Fork has a lot to offer regarding education as well. With exceptional options for public or private schooling, your child can receive a high-quality education in our city. We offer several entertainment options to our citizens including movie theaters, numerous shops and a wide range of restaurants.

American Fork City is committed to providing the citizens of American Fork with excellent businesses to help fuel economic development and achieve a higher quality of life. If you would like to contribute to our strong network of businesses, stop by our office today or call 801-756-5110 to get started. We look forward to meeting you!

Cost of Living
The most affordable place in Utah is Utah County, and American Fork is the most affordable city in Utah County. American Fork is affordable and provides the necessities and luxuries that our community needs at the right price. The city is located just minutes away from up-and-coming Silicon Slopes, and compared to prices of areas surrounding famed Silicon Valley, the prices are exponentially lower. You also get more bang for your buck here in American Fork, with more land available for a lower cost compared to surrounding areas.

Utah County Rates of Affordability

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We are proud to offer a wide range of job opportunities in American Fork, Utah. Our employers are excited and ready to bring new ideas to our business community. Our workforce is extremely strong in our city, with the highest number of bilingual employees in the nation and strong, work-oriented citizens. Read more about our numerous industries under our industries tab.

Major Employers in American Fork include:

  • Alpine Building LLC
  • Alpine School District
  • American Fork Hospital
  • Domo, Inc
  • Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
  • Henry Schein Practice Solutions Inc
  • Myler Disability, LLC
  • ROI Solutions LLC
  • Utah State Developmental Center
  • Walmart

Labor Force Data
Utah Jobs
Utah County Employment Center

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American Fork is proud to offer several resources to help our citizens maintain optimal overall health. Utah is one of the happiest states in the country based on 2017 data, and we consistently rank in the top 20 states for excellent healthcare. We have lower rates of obesity, physical inactivity and smoking than 90 percent of the United States. Come visit us today to see why Utah is one of the happiest and healthy states in the nation!

State Health Resources
Utah County Health Department
Utah County Health Resources

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Religious Congregations
American Fork, Utah, offers several religious congregations within a few minute’s drive for your convenience. Our community is religion-oriented, as is Utah Valley. We are pleased to provide a wide range of religious options so our community can thrive in diversity. To learn more about our various congregations, we encourage you to contact the church directly. Our congregations include:

  • Anglican
  • Assemblies of God
  • Baptist
  • Buddhist
  • Catholic
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  • Community of Christ
  • Evangelical
  • Episcopal
  • Greek/Eastern Orthodox

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Local Transportation
American Fork, Utah, although just minutes away from Silicon Slopes, experiences far less traffic than areas surrounding California’s Silicon Valley. We are pleased to offer numerous innovative approaches to transportation and utilize Utah Transit Authority’s exceptional public transportation system, including commuter rail, vans, busses and paratransit vehicles. Since 1970, UTA has provided cheap and convenient transportation options for Utahans. American Fork also has a state-of-the-art road system for citizens who choose to drive their personal vehicles.

Learn more about UTA

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Upcoming Events

JULY 11 - July Speaker Luncheon

JULY 19 - July Connect 4 Lunch

JULY 26 - General Chamber Board Meeting

AUG 02 - Tri-Chamber Speaker Luncheon

AUG 16 - August Connect 4 Lunch

AUG 23 - General Chamber Board Meeting

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