Transportation is a vital part of any active, working city. Frequently named the “hub” of Utah, American Fork provides access to many roadways, public carriers and facilities that help both our public and private sectors thrive. Whether you are looking to develop your business or to simply find a good commute for work, American Fork City can make travelling easier, faster and more direct. We invite you to learn more about transportation in American Fork, Utah, and see how we can connect you to all of Utah!

Access to I-15 Corridor
As our state grows, access to roads and highways becomes more and more essential. To help with rapid growth, Utah’s department of transportation (UDOT) has started work on developing Interstate 15 — adding lanes and improving accessibility to many towns and cities throughout Utah. American Fork not only provides entrances to this essential roadway, but also has set apart legislation to ensure access to the I-15 corridor as it grows, changes and develops.

Access to Public Transit
The Utah Transit Authority, commonly known as the UTA, provides a network of public transportation for our residents. Including both the Frontrunner commuter train and TRAX bus routes, the UTA system can get you access all across Utah. American Fork provides a system of local stops and stations, making your commute more accessible and convenient. Find out how to take advantage of public transportation, as well as passes and vanpool programs available within our city.


Access to International Airport
Looking to travel — for work or leisure? Take advantage of American Fork’s access to Salt Lake International Airport. Over 340 flights depart the airport every day, from local flights to trips overseas. With 71 aircraft gates and access to a wide variety of airlines, SLC Airport can get you where you need to go. American Fork provides access to the airport by our local bus routes, train station or interstate I-15 — and travel time takes less than an hour! Learn more about how to plan your trip with SLC International below!

SLC Airport

If you would like to learn more about American Fork City’s infrastructure and transportation services, contact us at 801-756-5110.

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