American Fork City is proud of our workforce in American Fork, Utah. The city provides exceptional businesses and services that are continuously benefitted by the talented and skilled workforce that floods Utah. To learn more about our skilled workforce and how we can benefit your company, contact our office at 801-756-5110 or stop by today. We look forward to helping you create a strong team for your successful business!

Our already impressive workforce is becoming increasingly more educated and talented each year that passes. Our community places a significant emphasis on education and it shows. Over half of our workforce population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. Utah has the highest rate of bilingual workers in the nation, and the benefits of bilingual team members continue to grow with the international and national marketplace.

Our city is surrounded by world-class universities including Utah State University, University of Utah and Brigham Young University. Thousands of freshmen enter these universities every year, and in turn thousands of graduates enter the Utah workforce population each year. These local universities also allow for internships that utilize college-level talent and education without having to commute a long distance. This university culture also fosters new and unique ideas that benefit our businesses in American Fork.