Downtown and Local Business Areas

Enjoy access to our downtown and local businesses in American Fork, Utah. Are you searching for a place to spend the day? Enjoy our downtown shopping districts! Are you looking for a way to start up your business locally? Find out about our business parks and how they can help your business grow and thrive.


Business Parks

American Fork is home to numerous business parks to allow your business to thrive in a convenient and beautiful location. Our business parks boast expansive lawns, spacious offices and excellent locations to suit all of your business needs.

Downtown District

Our quaint historic downtown district is home to diverse businesses, parks and venues. With many original characteristics as well as updated, modern amenities, American Fork’s downtown district has something for everyone to enjoy!


The Meadows

One of the premier business parks in American Fork, Utah, is The Meadows. With an excellent location and easy access, The Meadows is a top-notch location for business. The Meadows constantly draws citizens of American Fork as well as surrounding areas to dine and shop in a variety restaurants and stores.


Wondering how you can become a part of American Fork City? Contact us to find out how your business can contribute to these local attractions at 801-756-5110 today!